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Send your prayers and good wishes to "Grandma Luge" at the Olympic Games. Grandma Luge Fans/Donations to Grandma Luge will have their name, or their Chapter name printed on a giant greeting card in the form of a Banner, which will be given to Anne at the Olympic Games. Upon return, this card/banner will "travel with Grandma Luge"... to Red Hat gatherings, speaking engagements, etc.

Please click on the Bronze, Silver or Gold Medal images below to make your donation and to be included on the banner. Please make sure to include your Chapter Name, location/state and brief message in the comments section of the paypal form. Banner designations:
Bronze Medal Supporters = Gifts up to $49.00, with Name/State and up to two lines of text greeting.

Silver Medal Supporters = Gifts from $49.01 to $99.00, with Name/State and up to two lines of text greeting.

Gold Medal Supporters = Gifts from $99.01+, with Name/State and up to three lines of text. Supporters also receive a Virgin Islands Olympic Pin and Olympic postcard from Italy.
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