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"You're perspective is refreshing...your story will inspire others...for a challenge in their own lives."
Kerry Sanders, NBC News
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Anne Abernathy

Nicknamed Grandma Luge, this unlikely, courageous athlete from the Virgin Islands overcame a series of hardships including cancer, broken bones, 14 knee surgeries and even a hurricane that destroyed her home to become the first six time female Winter Olympian.

Anne has been featured on radio and TV including the Today Show, Tonight Show and Discovery Channel. In addition, she has been chosen to speak at conventions and events around the world at venues ranging from the Pentagon in Washington DC to the House of Parliament in London.

Shes a Guinness World Record holder whose passion, unique wit and wisdom will inspire YOU to step up, find the fire within and just do it Why not?

  • Step Up, Not Back - Why Not?
  • Its Never too Late to Dream
  • Fueling Your Fire Within

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