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"You're perspective is refreshing...your story will inspire others...for a challenge in their own lives."
Kerry Sanders, NBC News
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Thanks for the Notes to Grandma!

There is no way to express in words all of the emotions, pain and turmoil that entered into my mind following my crash at the Olympics. It was one of the most loneliness moments of my life despite the fact that reporters were constantly pressing me for info. Yet as word got out, emails, notes and cards came in. This included over 1600 Notes to Grandma from my website on the day following my crash as well as hundreds of letters. You encouraged, inspired and supported me.

Some messages merely stated "You Rock!" while others provided get well wishes and encouragement. They came from across the US & Canada and the world including Russia, Romania, Australia, Japan, Great Britain, South Africa and more. You lifted me up and proved that dreams whether of the Olympics or not are not just reserved for the young, but for the young at heart.

You helped get Grandma Luge back on her feet! Thanks.

On the Go

Anne is Speaking around the World and may be coming to a location near you. If you would like to meet her or arrange for her to come and speak to your group contact Jan DuPlain, DuPlain International Speakers, phone: 202 486-7004 or 866-DUPLAIN, email: